new business...who dis?!

so first of all welcome and congratulations, if you are seeing this that means you have discovered my little project Active Souls which is kinda epic in itself. you may be sat there, or stood even, reading this like what even is "active souls" and why is this dude not using capital letterS?! well hopefully by the end of this you will be able to answer at least one of those equally important questions, so lets begin.

I am mikey, amongst other things in my 10 years as an adult I have been an athlete (400m hurdles and yes its so hard I have to close my eyes to save energy), a traveller, a sports coach, a sports developer, a cocktail bartender and for a very short period of time I even delivered bread, but its safe to say it wasn't entirely my time as a sourdough delivery specialist that lead me to launching active souls.

I have been very fortunate in my life to have had heaps of super positive experiences through my sports and subsequently been able to lead a very active lifestyle from mountain biking on the weekends to competing internationally for the isle of man. being active is not just something I do, it forms a very big part of who I am so it makes me sad and frustrated when I see this content out there that constantly undermines the true value of people exercising and leading active lifestyles.

living in 2018 is hard enough as it is, we live in a time of information overload where our pool of comparison is endless and if you're not publishing your snaps on social media, did it even happen? when you relate that to the world of health and fitness it becomes an even more incessant atmosphere to try and live in #legday. with so much contradictory information out there it can be nigh impossible to truly get an accurate picture of what is health and what is not, its unsurprising that physical activity amongst the general population is on its way down in such dramatic fashion, I mean where do you even start? one day coffee is the cure for everything, the next day its the cancerous demon child of a trump jong un secret affair...dammit now I really want another coffee!

...had my coffee and so: the reality is that our lifestyles restrict one of our most natural requirements in movement and so chasing that #bubblebutt by sporadically going to the gym is possibly not giving your body what it truly craves; free unrestricted movement.

ill step down off of my soap box now and bring you back to my story. in 2015 I was working for the isle of man governments sports development unit and was tasked with increasing the number of children engaging in physical activity and I absolutely loved it. it was during a staff training that I witnessed for the first time how much laughter and how many smiles "childish" games brought about in adults and right there was the seed that I guess started the active souls journey.

talking of journeys, I then travelled for 2 years with my awesome partner in travel, hattie, and the more we travelled the bigger the seed grew. when you spend more time thinking about this awesome idea instead of exploring Canada's epic scenery and incredible hikes you know its time to come home!

heres me with hats and some of our kiwi family, including milly the cavapoo, the precursor to moko who you will become familiar with if you stick around!

so I was just about ready to close this one off but then I realised I hadn't yet answered either of my own opening questions, instead I have just talked about myself which is kinda rude. so my mum is a massive grammar nerd and will hate reading this (sorry mum) but I too have inherited this affliction and if I started with proper grammar this blog would ultimately take me 3000 more hours to finish so I am sticking to one shot, no caps approach.

thanks for reading and I promise to answer the other question in my next post

for now, peace out and TIP, you're it!

mikey x

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