Play for the whole family...the logical next step!

We have said it before and we will say it again, play is a beautiful thing and it comes with almost limitless potential. Since day 1 we have looked at different ways to test our belief that play should not be restricted to childhood and can not only form part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle but can also contribute to improved fitness as well as enriched mental and social wellbeing. In short, play is awesome, and everyone can benefit from a little more play in their life!

From Single Souls though to Spanish Souls, we have experimented and played our way through some pretty cool concepts, but this one has been cultivating since day dot, and we are literally buzzing to finally see it to fruition. “Active Souls Family” brings the best from our Tribe sessions, playground classics and AS original games, delivered in a fun, social and seriously unserious environment and opens it up for the entire family to join in and draw the benefits too.

Imagine the dinner table tales of near misses and dodgeball hits, the epic tag moments and the time the Mum had to lie on the floor and pretend to be a tired turtle! Active Souls Family sessions give parents a rare and brief opportunity to glimpse into their child’s world and perhaps learn to communicate more effectively with them. Play fosters positive relationships between parent and child and through our pilot sessions we received some outstanding feedback, the kind of stuff that makes you almost blush with pride!

All the way back in 1990 a boff called Henry More stated that “where adults actively engage with children in mutual pursuits ‐‐ especially every day, family‐style pursuits ‐‐ there is enhancement of children's social, emotional and cognitive development” and we certainly can't disagree. In fact, we believe that Active Souls Family can go one step further, we will take the enhancement of your child’s social, emotional and cognitive development and in turn reward you with some mental, social and physical enrichment for yourself.

Playing with Active Souls is a break from your day to consume your focus on something other than what you have to cook for dinner, to challenge your coordination and agility skills but most importantly we give you the opportunity to smile, laugh and share some memories and engage fully with your very own Tribe!

Our rollout of sessions will commence from 21st August 2019 so if you fancy bringing your Tribe along, drop us a message and get booked in for your first play time, we cannot wait to meet you!

Mikey, Hattie, Moko & The Entire Active Souls Tribe x

p.s. did we mention how excited we are?!


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